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New J. Bookwalter Releases

2009 February 23

AntagonistI’ve been a fan of John’s wines ever since we had a winemaker dinner with him and his wife Gretchen. I’m a member of the Bookwalter wine club. As such, I have the opportunity to buy wines before general public release and I get a nice little discount on my purchases. With my discounts, many of these wines are very reasonably priced and I was eager to get my hands on Bookwalter’s latest offerings. This past Friday, Bookwalter released their 2007 Antagonist Syrah along with 3 white wines: 2008 Anecdote Columbia Valley Riesling, 2008 Couplet Chardonnay-Viognier blend, and the 2008 Tercet Rousanne-Marsanne-Muscat blend.

AnecdoteI had the opportunity to taste the white wines on the day they were released and ended up purchasing a case of wine.  Of the three, my hands down favorite is the 2008 Anecdote Riesling.  With aromas of honey, pineapple and ripe peach, and off-dry flavors of melon and white fruits, it had a nice balance of acidity and sweetness with 1.9% residual sugar.  The only thing it lacked was the typical Riesling petroleum aromas which I didn’t really miss.  $18/750 ml.

CoupletThe other two wines needed a little time to open up and for some of the bottle shock to dissipate.  Because of they were bottled just 10 days ago, there was a definite SO2 aroma of burnt matches that took a little time to go away.  Once gone, the 2008 Couplet Conner Lee Vineyard 57% Chardonnay, 43% Viognier blend was the first to open up with nice aromas of grapefruit and other citrus. 100% stainless fermentation produces crisp flavors of green apples and apricots with a soft round finish. I don’t even miss the oak.  $20/750 ml.

TercetThe 2008 Tercet was the last to open up.  This Rhône blend has a very subtle floral aroma of  honeysuckle and subtle flavors of hazelnuts, lemon and pears with a lively fresh finish. It was a very easy drinking wine with 74% Rousanne, 17% Marsanne and 9% Muscat fermented in 100% stainless. $18/750 ml.

2008 is a fine year for Bookwalter’s white wines.  And if you give these wines a few weeks to recover from the bottle shock, they’ll offer easy drinking wines just in time for this summer. I’ll post tasting notes for the 2007 Antagonist when I get around to opening up a bottle.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Bookwalter Winery nor any of their distributors. The comments and opinions written are my own and are not paid endorsements for the winery or the wines.  I was not given the wines and paid the normal member price for them. I just happen to like them and I’m passing on this information.

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