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2005 Chateau Franc Grace-Dieu Bordeaux

2009 March 17
by Eric Hwang

20090493I had high hopes for this inexpensive bottle of Grand Cru Bordeaux. At $17 a bottle, I was hoping I had found a real bargain and would buy a case. Boy, was I disappointed to discover that this wine really sucked. The clear garnet red color was about the only thing going for it. Even after much coaxing, the aromas were faint with only a slight medicinal Band-Aid smell. The flavors were also a big disappointment. A mix of blackberry and licorice without any hints of oak aging. The body was somewhat thin, tannins almost nonexistent and acidity towards the flabby end. Just say no to bad Bordeaux. My wife didn’t even want to finish her glass and I only continued because I needed to write this review. I even dug into my winemaking additives and added a pinch of tartaric acid to give the glass I poured a little life, but ultimately it still couldn’t resuscitate this wine. Sorry to say, this isn’t the pot o’ gold you probably hoped for on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve had $8 bottles of Spanish wine that far exceeded this wine in quality. I can’t recommend this one.


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