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2005 Greenock Creek Shiraz Seven Acre

2009 April 18
by Eric Hwang

Greenock Creek ShirazThe final bottle opened last night was this Shiraz. The wine was not decanted and was rather closed. By the time we finally started drinking this wine, I wasn’t able to discern its characteristics because of my state of inebriation. Yeah, I was getting drunk so I waited until today to make my notes on this wine. Good thing, because it really opened up overnight.

It had a dark almost inky purple color and a nose of smoked meat, tar, blackberry and plum. On the palate I got layers of mocha, black fruit, dark cherry, smoked meat and black olives. The long finish has pleasantly rounded tannins but there is quite a bit of heat. I couldn’t determine the amount of alcohol. The label says 14.1 – 16% so I’m not really sure what that means. I’ve heard that the more recent vintages of this Shiraz has up to 17% alcohol. Yikes, that’s like a fortified wine. It drinks well now but could easily age for a few more years.

Overall, this is the most complex Australian Shiraz I’ve had yet. The taste reminds me of a very heavy French Rhône which I think is great. I think it would show better with food such as duck breast or crispy pork belly where the acidity and alcohol would cleanse the palate of the fats. I’d like it more if the finish wasn’t so hot.


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