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2007 Magnificent Wine Riesling

2009 April 23

20091093One of the best bargains I found at Taste WA was this 2007 Magnificent Wine Riesling from Columbia Valley. I can’t say much about their labels. Some would say it’s playful, I think it’s rather chintzy looking and belies what’s in the bottle. At $10 a bottle, I was really surprised how good it is.  It has a very pale golden color and a bouquet of honeysuckle and citrus which only becomes apparent after the wine warms up a bit. So don’t serve this directly from the fridge without giving it a chance to warm up. The initial taste of ripe apple yields to flavors of honey and mandarin oranges. It has a nice medium-length dry finish with a great balance of acid to sweetness.

It’s not like any German Riesling. It’s not as dry, didn’t have the telltale petrol smell and was a little more fruity, but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. I could see pairing this with spicy Chinese food or more flavorful seafood.


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