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2007 Castle Rock Pinot Noir Mendocino County

2009 May 9
by Eric Hwang

2007 Castle RockI’ve been feeling a bit under the weather so it’s been nearly a week since I’ve posted anything. As soon as I could drink, I decided to pop open a bottle of something with which I’m quite familiar.  The 2007 Castle Rock Pinot Noir Medocino County is a reliable wine for me. Not overly complicated but what can I really expect for a $10 wine. This is the third vintage year of this wine that I’ve bought. I’ve drank more than two dozen bottles of this wine in the past and it has always been a pleasant drink. So why have I waited so long to write about it? Because the last time I wrote something favorable about it, the wine became rather scarce and the price went up the following vintage year. Supply and demand, I guess.

Now don’t get this mixed up with all the other Pinot Noirs that Castle Rock produces. I’ve tried them all and the only other one that comes close is their Columbia Valley Pinot Noir.

Bright ruby red purplish color with expressive aromas of floral, cherry, raspberry jam and a hint of earthy mushroom funk. On the palate, it is medium-bodied and shows ripe cherry and strawberry with a silky smooth mouthfeel without being flabby. It exhibits a clearly California Pinot style with ripe fruit and low acidity. It could easily be mistaked for having a sweet taste because there isn’t much acidity. With almost no perceptible tannins, the finish was rather short, about 10 seconds.

Granted, it’s not a very memorable Pinot,  but it’s much more consistent and easier to find that some of the cheaper French Burgundy. For the price, it’s a nice everyday drinking wine that pairs nicely with roasted chicken and even salmon. It’s something you can serve at a party without going broke.


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