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2007 O Wines Chardonnay – Wine with a Cause

2009 May 2
by Eric Hwang


It was serendipity that I actually ended up buying this wine. I happened to be at the table next to O Wines at Taste Washington and overheard a few people making yummy noises and praising the wine they were sampling. Curious but not really looking for Chardonnays that day, I noticed this wine was from my favorite Washington AVA, Horse Heaven Hills. I tried some and was impressed. I didn’t take any notes on it, because I was on a different mission that day and eventually it didn’t get mentioned when I wrote about the Taste.

A week later, my wife, Sheri, and I were at Costco and despite her telling me we have no more room for any more wine, I was looking at white wines. Summer was coming and we needed some more  wines for all the lighter meals we tend to eat when it gets hot. That’s when I saw the distinctive label for the 2007 O Wines Chardonnay. I remembered it from the Taste and decided to buy one bottle just to confirm my memory. It was wonderful and we went back and bought a case. For $11 a bottle, this is probably the best value in a great wine that I’ve found since the 2006 Cline Cashmere.

Unlike so many California Chardonnays, this isn’t a wine that slaps you with an oak stave. A portion of the wine does get some oak aging, but it is primarily fermented in stainless steel which enhances the fruit aromas and flavors. Immediately after opening, it was rather tight, but after about half an hour, it really started to open up. It has a bright pale golden color and lively aromas of apples and creamy butter. On the palate it starts with supple fruit flavors of green apple and pear and shows a delicate oakiness and creamy flavor reminiscent of a fresh buttery brioche. The medium length finish reveals this wine’s elegant balance. It not only pairs with many different foods, it makes a great sipping wine as well.

Wine with a Cause

I would buy this wine just because it’s so good, but after the first bottle I bought, Sheri looked up the winery on the web and told me about how O Winery owners, Stacy Lill and Kathy Johanson, donate a portion of the proceeds to fund a scholarship for underprivileged and at-risk young girls in Washington state. Wow, I can have great wine and a clean conscience. What a great deal for everyone.


Ask to follow Kathy (@owineslady) on twitter.

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