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Murphy-Goode Video Outtakes

2009 May 18
by Eric Hwang

I just finished posting my application and video for the Really Goode Job and I’m hoping that all my friends and family will help me in the voting so I can at least make one of the top 10 positions. For those of you curious about what it took to make this video, here are the scenes left on the virtual cutting room floor.

The entire video is 60 seconds plus a couple of frames, but to make that 60 seconds took nearly 10 hours. The entire video was scripted and I timed the voiceovers and edited to allow for some “white space” between the voice segments. The 6 second segment with my nephew took nearly an hour to film. The location was at a cousin’s house who happens to decorate their entire house in a 60’s theme. However, in the video, you don’t see any of the props which is a shame.

I used a small Panasonic FX-01 point and shoot camera to film the video at 30 fps at VGA 4:3 aspect ratio. To eliminate the wind noise and improve the quality of the audio, I used a Sony Minidisc recorder and a lavalier mic attached to my shirt. All the video was edited using iMovie and the audio from the Minidisc was manually synced to the video. To eliminate any copyright issues, I used royalty-free music clips for the background music. Just because you purchase a song off iTunes, doesn’t give you rights to broadcast it on YouTube.

Make sure to vote for me after you watch the videos. Thanks for your support.

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  1. May 28, 2009

    Thanks for showing a bit of behind the scenes of the work it takes to build one component of a difficult challenge.

  2. Eric Hwang permalink*
    May 28, 2009

    Thanks for visiting. What everyone needs to keep in mind is that this video is just one small part of the application process and only a portion of the duties that whoever gets the MG job will be doing. I look forward to showing MG all of the many skills I have to offer them.

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