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Vying for a Really Goode Job

2009 May 12
by Eric Hwang

mg03aiavcfA couple weeks ago, I heard about A Really Goode Job on twitter and decided to check it out at I was immediately reminded of the Best Job in the World that just recently was filled. What a great publicity campaign that turned out to be with world-wide media coverage and 34,684 applicants for the position as an island caretaker.

The Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent is a similar dream job and when the mainstream national media finally got the story last week, well, let’s just say that all sorts of things crawled out of the woodwork (or bottles as it may be). The position requires a 60 second video that highlights your Web 2.0, marketing, speaking and video production skills. I predicted that the first batch of videos wouldn’t be the greatest quality—these either would be people who are underqualified but ambitious or those who didn’t spend much time on their video. The upside is that they have been very amusing and worth viewing just for the entertainment value. However, I knew that eventually, someone would raise the bar and submit a video that meets the challenge. Yesterday, it finally happened.

I pondered this position for several days and discussed it with my wife who ultimately decided that I should go for it. She would be alright with me living in Sonoma for 6 months while she stays in Seattle and visits me occasionally. After all, I will be out of a job by the end of June and my time would be freed up. What did I have to loose except the time it takes for me to produce a video. So I’ve decided to toss my hat in the ring. I have been planning on making wine this fall, but this would be an even greater opportunity to experience it first-hand in a production winery if I get the job. Of course, I’m also a realist so I’ve still got my suppliers for fruit this fall lined up in case Murphy-Goode chooses someone else.

What’s been bothering me, however, has been the whole issue of voting on the videos. Nowhere on the Really Goode Job site does it mention that a popular vote would be a factor in the selection process. Just that they would allow the public to vote for their favorite. The question becomes, does the popularity contest play a role in the selection of the 50 semi-finalists or even the 10 finalist? If I were a judge, I would have to think that if a candidate is well-connected on all the social media sites that they are supposed to be using, they would have no problem getting their family, friends and associates to vote for them. The bigger their network, the more votes they garner proving that they are indeed very well connected and influential on the Internet.

Why is this an even a concern? As I put the finishing touches on my own video, I know I need to get it posted in order to get exposure and popularity votes, but I also don’t want to show my hand too soon. Posting a good(e) video would make me the latest target and could give my competition ideas either from the video itself or from the comments and criticisms that fly around on twitter. Eventually, I need to apply and post my video. I’m just waiting for the optimal time.

Best of luck to all the people applying for the position. The fun is just beginning.

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