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2002 Fairwinds Cabernet Sauvignon

2009 June 9
by Eric Hwang

2002 Fairwinds CabOne of the things I have noticed when I go to wineries is that I tend to buy wines based on a positive experience I have at the winery. Unfortunately, that often means I buy wines that aren’t really that good. I guess I feel some obligation to buy something when the winemaker spends time talking to me.

Fairwinds is located out on the Washington pennisula near Port Townsend and it is out in the middle of nowhere. I must have driven for miles following roadside signs to the winery to find it was a pleasant little tasting room in a barn on a ranch. Michael Cavett, the winemaker, greets you and answers your questions about the wine and Port Townsend making you feel right at home. After all that, it’s hard not to leave without purchasing something.

The 2002 Fairwinds Cabernet Sauvignon, Washington State ($20) shows very little signs of age with a deep garnet color throughout and very tight right after opening. It paired fairly well with our bison burgers but maybe the flavors were masked because the burgers were somewhat spicy. Even after several hours in the glass, it showed very faint floral aromas and some black fruit and graphite. On the palate, it got flavors of cherry and blackberry, but with very little complexity and somewhat hard tannins. My first thought is that this wine is too young and backward, however, it tasted too austere to suggest that it would improve with age. That’s too bad, because I still have another bottle of this. I guess I really must have enjoy my experience at the winery.


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