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17 Interesting Blog & Video Topics for YOUR Winery

2010 January 25
by Eric Hwang

Writer's blockDo you ever get writer’s block? I know I often do, but I can’t imagine how difficult it would be if I didn’t have a knack for writing. Such is the case for many small wineries where the same person doing the winemaking is sometimes the blog writer as well.

I’ve been asked, “How do you decide what you’re going to write about?” To be honest, I usually don’t know until something strikes a chord and I think to myself, “Mmm, that might make an interesting blog post.” Take this post for example. I was in a marketing meeting today and we came up with a bunch of great ideas for future blog posts. It’s great that I can get all sorts of fantastic topics out of these brainstorming sessions, but what ends up happening is that I usually have more topics than I have time to write or make videos about them.

So I started thinking that these topics shouldn’t go to waste. Why not let someone else write them? I’ve been wanting to do more posts that will help some of my friends in the wine community and I’m sure they would enjoy sharing their thoughts on some of these topics.  However, I’m trying to think of topics accessible to wineries in particular, because sometimes just trying to overcome writer’s block, especially if you’re not a writer, can be the most frustrating and time-consuming part of maintaining your winery’s blog. So here are a few ideas that you might consider:

17 Interesting Blog & Video Topics for YOUR Winery

  1. The day we came up with our winery name (who, where and how)
  2. How we came up with our label design
  3. Our volunteers are some of our greatest assets
  4. How we selected a cooper for our barrels (best if you’re not using French oak)
  5. The wine that never/almost never made it to bottle
  6. We can laugh now, but I was horrified at the time…
  7. It all started in our [garage, basement, bathroom, etc.] (talk about humble beginnings)
  8. The wine we want to make someday (and why you haven’t made it yet)

While the previous ideas are very general and can be used by almost any winery, the following ideas are a little more specific to your winery, your location and what you’re producing.

  1. Why [your AVA] is the best for growing [wine varietal]
  2. What makes the terroir of our [name of vineyard] vineyard so special
  3. The perfect food pairing for [wine varietal] and why our [your wine] is the best
  4. Meet our winemaker. He’s also a [fireman, police officer, etc.] (Consider the cool factor—musician, athlete: cool; banker, attorney: not so cool)
  5. The challenges of growing [unusual varietal] here in [your location] (and why that’s good)
  6. Our favorite recipe using our [wine]
  7. The art of blending our [red wine blend] with [winemaker]
  8. 10 things to do in [your town] besides visit our tasting room
  9. [notable person, key event] was the inspiration for [winery, wine, vineyard location, etc.]

Those are a few I can share off the top of my head. You can use these as I’ve presented them here or they may trigger some ideas of your own. Feel free to make catchier titles and if you end up using one of these ideas and come up with a great story, feel free to mention this article.

Do you have any winery topics that you think might be blog-worthy? Do share.

Update: Tom Wark just posted a great list of 50 Ways to Update your Facebook fan pages, but these could be adapted to other platforms as well. Check it out

10 Responses leave one →
  1. January 25, 2010

    Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. I know writer’s block all too well. I find that if I can just force myself to start writing anything, I will usually find the right path.

  2. WhatDebPours permalink
    January 25, 2010

    What? Lawyers aren’t “cool” ?

  3. January 25, 2010

    Okay, so you solved the writers block problem. Do you have any tips on how to manage my time better or better yet, get more hours in a day! 🙂

    Thanks for the post – will forward it along to my winery friends.

    Josh @nectarwine

  4. Eric Hwang permalink*
    January 25, 2010


    LOL! Okay, you’re one of the few cool lawyers I know. The other is my friend, Gary Nece, in Seattle. But in terms of cool alter-egos for winemakers, I don’t think lawyer, banker, stock broker and former Microsoft employee who cashed out big on their stocks are necessarily good #12 topics. Call me crazy, but I think a former stock-car race driver, astronaut, professional athlete, third-world dictator, or 80’s glam-rocker make for much more interesting reading. Let me know if any of those people ever decide to take up winemaking and I’m on it.


    Maybe in a future post. I can’t give you more hours in the day, but I might be able to give you some time management tips, or at least show you how not to twitter your entire day away.

    Thanks for commenting.

  5. January 25, 2010

    Excellent post, full of ideas for winery owners to use when they blog, or even just to enhance the information on their site.

  6. January 26, 2010

    Food for thought! Thank you very much for sharing these. I spent last weekend digging bits of earth with a spoon from our three different vineyards since I am planning a post on terroir …

  7. March 2, 2010

    Hi Eric,

    I want to thank you again for some great content – in fact, I spent a Saturday night devouring much of your SM content & helpful info. I know… I’m a bit of a geek…

    I’m sharing it with my folks as we’re getting our heads around all of this digital content… The good news? Pictures & Videos require very few words 😉 Writer’s block beware!


  8. July 9, 2018

    I was about to fall for that. Just like the most of us, wine appreciation comes later or in an unexpected moment. Thank you for sharing Josh’s insight and experience on wines and wine blogging. I am looking forward to more post and personal interviews with other bloggers!

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