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About the Blog

About the Blog: History

I started writing this blog immediately after I decided I was going to make some wine of my own. That was back in January 2009. That summer, I participated in a social media contest of sorts which garnered some exposure to other wineries in Sonoma County, California. Soon after, I accepted a social media job in California’s wine country. Now that my garage is full of unused winemaking equipment, there didn’t seem to be much point in writing about winemaking on my own blog when I was waist-deep in the winemaking process at the wineries I work with.

Bricks of Wine is now more encompassing in its topics and I now write about my experiences—the wines I taste, the wineries and places I visit and memorable food I eat, along with the occasional recipe. Of course, I also write about my experiences in social media and how I’m helping wineries successfully integrate it into their overall marketing strategy. Unfortunately, I write for three other blogs and photograph and produce video for them as well. That leaves me very little time to actually create new content for my own site. What’s that saying about the cobbler’s children? Yeah… So stay tuned; there’s more to come, eventually.

One Man Show

Unlike some blogs who hire a graphic designer and subsequently win awards for the design (I won’t name the blog, but it is a popular one), my blog is 100% my creation. I use some templates from WordPress, but I’ve customized them for my site. It’s not the greatest, and I really wish I had time to redesign it, but at least I can say I created all the graphics, logos and stylesheets and I take all the video and photos used on this site. If I use someone else’s work (or design), I will be sure to attribute them.