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Disclosure: My work relationships

I’m not being paid by anyone to write this blog. I don’t make ANY money on this blog. I had ads on the site at one time, but the legal liability of having those ads wasn’t worth the pittance that they paid. I pay for my domain names, web hosting and internet costs out of my own pocket. I write because I enjoy it, love wine and want to share my passion with others.

Despite what Robert Parker and others would have you believe, I’m not a blobber nor are the people on my blogroll. I try to be responsible in what I put out on the Internet, but my taste in wine may not be the same as yours, so please consider that if you choose to purchase anything based on my opinions. What I write is my own opinion not influenced by my acquaintance with the winemakers or others in my circle of wine friends.

Occasionally, I have received a bottle or two of wine for me to sample and write about. When I do write about them, I will let you know that I did not pay for the wine. I have yet to receive any free cases of wine, free wine junkets to France or Italy, or corporate sponsorship, but if I do, I’ll let you know and try not to let that influence my tasting notes. Chances are, if the wine is really bad and it’s made locally, I just won’t comment on it. Life’s too short to disparage bad wine. However, bad French Bordeaux is another story.