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A few years ago, a friend in our wine club brought a mystery bottle to one of our gatherings. When I found out later that he had made this bottle of wine, complete with an attractive label and impressive origins, I thought it would be great to make some of my own wine. Several months and thousands of dollars later, I was ready to go and only needed some fruit. Only, I say, when in fact, that was the most difficult aspect, because without good fruit to start, you’re less likely to end up with good wine. Then I got a job at a winery and found myself, literally, knee-deep in winemaking. My equipment still sits in storage waiting for the day when the inspiration (and fruit) hits me.

In the process of acquiring the needed equipment, I found a few sources online. If you’re looking for winemaking resources, here are some that I’ve found.

Winemaking Checklist

Winemaking Equipment Sources

Oak Barrel Sources

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