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Winemaking Equipment

E.C. Kraus – may be a little more expensive than some other places, but with an order over $25, the shipping is free. Best selection of hydrometers I have found.  They sell the standard 0 – 35 brix, as well as the more accurate -5 to +5 brix.

The Grape and Granary – I found most of my additives chemicals and a few other odds and ends here.  Prices were reasonable for additives and chemicals and the selection of winemaking supplies and equipment was fairly good. Shipping was a little high but the total was still better than at E.C. Kraus.

Ace Mart Restaurant Supply – Get food grade containers here. Rubbermaid Brute 32 and 44 gallon food grade white trash cans are available here for about the cheapest on the Internet.  Watch out for shipping at other places.  Ace uses a trucking company and the shipping cost for 3 – 32 gallon containers was $22 making the total cost still less than other places.  Don’t buy lids though…

Home Depot – Save $9 per lid and get them for FREE here.  They carry the line of Brute trash cans in gray and green.  The gray is still food grade but not as easy to tell when it’s dirty.  They often have an excess of lids versus cans because many construction contractors don’t need the lids.  You may be able to get the lids for nothing.  Also get the dolly that attaches to the bottom of the cans here.  Cheapest place I found them. The dolly screws into the bottom, doesn’t slip off and makes it easy to move a full container without a forklift.

Midwest Wine Making at Home – From the beginner to advanced winemakers, this place has wine making equipment kits designed to produce 6 gallons of wine all the way up to larger tanks and equipment for small wineries. Nice web site too.

Oak Barrel Winecraft – one of the nicest looking web sites out there.  They have a good selection and the prices aren’t too bad.  Located on the West Coast, you might get better shipping rates if you’re also out on this coast.

NorthShore Care Supply – You’re going to need an accurate scale to measure additives. The Escali Digital Pocket Scales are used by many people (including me), are accurate and NorthShore Care Supply sells many different models at a good price. You’ll need accuracy to 1 gram.

The Beverage PeopleIf you would rather use a manual balance scale, the Counter Balance Scale with Bowl is the only one to consider. I haven’t seen anything else like this sold anywhere else. No longer available.

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